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Mechanical Nomads

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We fix gear propperly and fast.

Hey there!

We're just a couple of folks who happen to know a thing or two about fixing big, heavy machines. With experience of over 25 years, we've tinkered with all sorts of heavy-duty equipment across Australia, Africa, and Asia.

From giving those machines a good overhaul to diagnosing their quirks and getting them back up and running, we've got you covered wherever we roam. And hey, we've even added a little something extra to our toolbox – now we can help spread the word about your business through marketing and social media too!

But you know what really gets us going? Seeing a project through from start to finish with top-notch quality, all while keeping our fees fair and making sure we hit those deadlines every single time.

Want to keep up with our adventures? Give us a follow, and if you've got a job that needs doing, shoot us an email for a free quote. Let's get things moving!

Marketing Services

Having walked the entrepreneurial path ourselves, we've felt the weight of endless phone calls and customer inquiries.

That's where automated digital marketing swoops in, not just to save time but to amplify your reach and boost your returns.

In this increasingly digital world, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Let us share our insights, helping you streamline your online presence and service and make a name for yourself.

So you have to spend less time on the administrative grind, getting back to what you love – tackling those mechanical challenges!

As fellow nomads, we understand the ins and outs of life on the road and what your vehicle needs to endure. Count on us to provide tailored guidance on gear selection and installations, taking into account your specific vehicle and travel aspirations.

Marine Engines

The color of the engine doesn't faze us. Whether it's busted or bruised, count on us to roll up our sleeves and get it back in shape, wherever and whenever you need us. To us, it's all nuts and bolts.

At the heart of what we do is heavy-duty machinery. From general maintenance to full-on overhauls and component rebuilds, we're all about keeping things running smoothly. And hey, if you're looking to buy or need a hand figuring out what needs doing, we've got you covered with machinery appraisals and detailed job planning and pricing. Just part of our commitment to keeping you in the loop.

25 Years Experience

Licensed & Skilled Team

Commitment to Excelence

Reliable & Honest

Why Choose Us

The Way We Do It

"Here at Mechanical Nomads, we're not just about fixing machines – it's a way of life for us. We're passionate about what we do, fueled by our love for both travel and work. When we roll up our sleeves, it's not just because we have to, but because we genuinely want to. From tinkering with engines to exploring new places, we're all in, every step of the way. Trust us to handle your mechanical needs with care and enthusiasm, because it's not just a job – it's our joy."

Satisfied Customers

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Say About Us

Chad and Jana displaying profound expertise, professionalism, and dedication. Their prompt diagnostics, clear communication, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for anyone in need of automotive assistance.

The Mathews

Chad provided invaluable advisory support in our project planning, leveraging their deep expertise in heavy-duty mechanical systems to identify challenges and implement effective solutions. His strategic input and proactive problem-solving were instrumental in ensuring project success, making them a highly recommended advisor for heavy-duty mechanical projects.


Working with Mechanical Nomads to set up our website and streamline administrative processes was an absolute game-changer. Their expert guidance resulted in a seamless website launch and efficient workflows, significantly enhancing our business's productivity and proactive work environment.

Hanna & Bart

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