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About Us

Chad, a seasoned mechanical expert with over two decades of experience, has traversed the globe, leaving a trail of expertise and innovation in his wake. From his roots as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic to his ventures in fabrication, auto electrical work, and engineering high-performance engines, Chad's passion for all things that move and emit the scent of exhaust gasses or burned rubber knows no bounds. Having spent over a decade honing his craft in Africa, Chad's experiences range from field service in rugged Unimog’s to spearheading the establishment of workshops from the ground up. His journey included not only turning wrenches but also imparting knowledge to apprentices and indigenous communities, fostering skills and self-sufficiency along the way.

Beyond the African landscape, Chad's expertise has taken him across continents, where he's lent his talents to various projects, from mine sites to urban workshop management. As a sole trader in his trusty ute, he's tackled challenges head-on, armed with a wealth of knowledge and a brain brimming with expertise. Chad's reputation precedes him – a master craftsman who can fabricate and fix anything with precision and skill.

Jana's story is one of resilience and adaptation. Originally trained in social work in Germany, she made a bold leap into the world of heavy-duty mechanics upon arriving in Australia. Embracing the rugged terrain of mining sites, she honed her skills alongside Chad, seamlessly integrating her passion for mechanics with her expertise in marketing and technology. Behind the scenes, Jana is the strategic force driving Mechanical Nomads forward, her keen eye for detail and innovative thinking shaping the company's trajectory.

Together, they founded Mechanical Nomads with a shared vision: to combine Chad's unparalleled expertise with Jana's organizational prowess, creating a dynamic duo ready to tackle any mechanical challenge. With Chad's knack for problem-solving and Jana's strategic mindset, Mechanical Nomads is not just a business – it's a testament to passion, dedication, and the pursuit of mechanical excellence.

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